The production of cosmetic and self care products takes place within Delarange Cosmetics’ own production facility. When the market demands individual products and unique compositions, our production department can provide just that. We are technically and organisationally flexible when it comes to production. This allows us to alternate between small and large quantities within a short time. Our employees and facilities are attuned to that. The processing of various raw materials to create a wide range of high quality care products is our daily routine.


In the preparation of the formulations, the option exists to deploy process mixers for both warm and cold production. We can provide quickly and precisely dosed products on large and small scale in, among others, bottles, jars, tubes, sticks, cans and ampoules. Moreover, we equip packaging with labels, seals (on synthetic material, glass and aluminium), blisters, trays or folding boxboard. Through a balanced process, our production department is able to deliver a consistently high quality, this being a prerequisite for the level of customer satisfaction we strive for.