Delarange Cosmetics and Flores Natural Cosmetics move ahead together

Delarange Cosmetics and Flores Natural Cosmetics are moving ahead together with immediate effect. Both companies are merging all their activities in the areas of development and production of cosmetics and medical devices. The strengthening of their position in the market is the main reason for the merger. The combined organisation will carry out their activities from Zeewolde, where Delarange has been located since their establishment in 1991.

Due to both companies being active in the international market for cosmetic care products and medical devices, there is much synergy to be gained by working together, according to Dirk van Rij of Delarange Cosmetics. “The knowledge of the market and the manufacturing facilities of both companies will help us greatly. Our research and development will also receive a boost. In this way, we will strengthen our market position substantially. We are very pleased with this, as this is necessary in the competitive international market in which we are active.”

On behalf of Flores Cosmetics, Johan Bruinsma says: “We have been familiar with Delarange as high-quality peers in the market for nearly 30 years. To be able to join forces is highly beneficial for the future of both companies. It allows us to increase the rate of innovation of our products. The merger offers many opportunities for our current employees and, because of the predicted growth, we will also be attracting new talent.”

Further as Delarange Cosmetics

The new organisation will continue under the name Delarange Cosmetics and aims to grow further in the field of personal care cosmetics and medical devices. “The product portfolios of both companies fit together very well. We never overlap but rather complement each other,” says Van Rij. “In terms of export, which will be a major growth market for us in the future, this fusion is a good move,” says Bruinsma. With the bundling of both companies, Delaranges’ annual turnover amounts to more than 26 million euros. After the merger, Delarange Cosmetics has over 150 employees. Together, Dirk van Rij and Johan Bruinsma form the new management.

About Delarange Cosmetics

Delarange Cosmetics is an internationally oriented company with a sales area that covers large portions of Europe. They deliver over 750 different products ranging from facial cosmetics and oral hygiene to sun care and medical devices. Delarange develops and produces for private labels and various cosmetic brands in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

January 20, 2022

Delarange Cosmetics wins Award Formulation Challenge In-Cosmetics 2018

April 2018

Delarange Cosmetics BV is proud to announce that we won an award at the In-Cosmetics Formulation Challenge 2018 in Amsterdam. Our R&D team rose to the tough challenge and developed a prize-winning concept in just 90 minutes. In this highly competitive field, Delarange managed to obtain the Runner Up Award.

In this contest, six leading cosmetic manufacturers were given the task of creating an innovative formulation from a box of mystery raw materials. The competition consisted of company teams of very skilled professionals from Johnson & Johnson (France), Sabon/Yves Rocher (Israel/France), Florès (Netherlands), Herrco Cosmetics (UK), Naturalps (Switzerland) and Delarange Cosmetics (Netherlands).

The resulting concepts – including a marketing strategy summed up in bullet points – were presented to a jury of market specialists. As the jury commented, Delarange’s concept stood out due to its holistic approach, its modern user story and its “spot-on” appeal for the target group, which consists of millennials who spend a significant part of their time on social media. For this avant-garde, hard-to-please and volatile group of consumers, the Delarange Team created a range of products consisting of a cream and a serum which can be used to be #selfieready, whenever required. These products instantly give the skin a wonderful satiny look, improving its tone whilst temporarily reducing wrinkles, pores and other imperfections.

It is an innovation that helps this generation to share their story on Instagram #nofilter, providing an excellent concept with considerable new-business potential.

April 26, 2018