Our Research & Development department has extensive experience and expertise in the field of cosmetics and self care products. Our laboratory is the heart of the company. All products are developed and tested here.

We also work very closely with manufacturers of innovative ingredients and packaging in order to regularly and proactively introduce concepts to clients. Added value is further created through training and education of our Research & Development experts.


Our international network ensures a continuous supply of market information and trends, which are rapidly absorbed and incorporated into new product developments. Our open communication with all stakeholders also contributes to the efficient and successful realisation of projects. With the aid of our broad testing options, we rapidly acquire thorough insight into the stability of the products.

Throughout the entire product development process the procedures are carefully followed in order to keep guaranteeing a high level of quality. Legislation is an important aspect within the Research & Development department. The Regulatory Affairs department ensures the implementation of all applicable requirements and guidelines. The entire preparation of complete product files, including safety assessments, is performed internally.