In the development of a new product, the issue of sustainability is a constant when making choices. For example when choosing an environmentally friendly packaging, by reducing the amount of packaging materials or by using materials that are produced in a more environmentally friendly manner. A responsible composition of a new product is a key issue in the development thereof.

New location

The sustainability of the building was taken into account in a number of areas in the construction and design of our new location. The simple fact that the lighting of the warehouse and in the offices switches off automatically when no employees are present, the use of efficient steam installation for the production process and the management of air quality are practical examples of this.


Production areas

Along with the offices, the production areas are also light, large, beautiful and calm. This creates a pleasant working experience for our employees. Because a successful company cannot function without dedicated, motivated and healthy employees, a gym has also been incorporated into the building. Under the guidance of a work physiotherapist, our employees can work out here before or after work, several times a week. We now know that this kind of physical exertion contributes to employees’ health.