Our wide range of products for total body care includes the following product groups:

Skin care

Creams, serums, cleansing lotions, cleansing milks and cleansing gels, masks, peels and scrubs.

Body care

Body lotions, body and shower milk, shower gels, peeling & scrubs, bath and shower oils, massage oils and skin oils, deodorants.

Hair care

Wide range of styling products (including gel, wax, clay), serums, shampoos and conditioners.

Lip care

Lip balms, lip conditioners, lipgloss, lip vaselines, lip serums.

Sun protection cosmetics

Creams, lotions, milks, sprays from low to high protection factors, aftersun and self-tanning products.

Hand and foot care

From hand and foot care creams to products for various ailments.


Natural cosmetics and products for (extremely) dry, damaged or allergic skin.

Medical Devices

Products for self-care and prevention of ailments.


Perfumes in bottles or ampoules.